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Name:❧ Seed Account Holders
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❧ What are 'seeds'? Welcome! We are a group of people who have invested a significant amount in the Dreamwidth project by purchasing a Seed Account. Seed Accounts were sold when the site went into open beta at the end of April/first part of May 2009.

Seed Account sales were originally limited to 400 (at $200 a piece), but due to some issues with PayPal a second sale was held, bringing the approximate total of Seed Accounts to around 600. The proceeds from these accounts were used to help finance the site in it's initial year of operations (hence, the planting of a 'seed'). We are here because we believe in the long-term success of the project. We hope to see the Dreamwidth community grow in the years to come.

❧ UPDATE May 1, 2011 ~ As part of the 2 year anniversary celebrations, another 400 Seed Accounts have been made available to purchase. This brings the total approximate amount of Seed Accounts on the site to 1,000! This is a great way to celebrate Dreamwidth's 2nd birthday and we welcome all new Seed Account holders to join the community!

❧ Who can join? This is a community for Seed Account holders (you must have a Seed Account to join).

❧ Community Guidelines Every member of the Dreamwidth community brings something unique to the project. While Seed Account holders helped fund the project in it's first year, this does not make us more valuable or important to the site than a Paid or Free member. Many Free Account holders volunteer for Support, help with coding and development, and contribute layouts and content to the site, in addition to helping to get the word out about what a great place Dreamwidth is. Along those same lines, in addition to contributing to ongoing funding for the site, Paid and Premium Paid Account holders also volunteer their time and talents to help make Dreamwidth the very best experience for every user. In short, we are all here for the same reason... because we believe in the project and want it to succeed. Although we have planted a 'seed', the entire Dreamwidth community is what helps it to grow.

❧ How do I reach the mod(s)? [community profile] seeds was created by [personal profile] gypsy and is moderated by [personal profile] gypsy and [personal profile] zelda. If you have a question, comment, suggestion or issue that needs to be addressed, you can reach them in one of two ways... by emailing gypsy [@], zelda [@] or by private message through the Dreamwidth messaging system.

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