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More specifically, what do you most take advantage of? (Icons, comment editing, cross-posting options, etc.)

Do you think there will ever ultimately be another Seed sale, or do you think it's unlikely to ever happen again? (I saw someone asking if a sale was planned and I was thinking it probably won't, but will be interested to hear if anyone thinks otherwise and why!)
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As part of the 2 year anniversary celebrations, another 400 Seed Accounts have been made available to purchase. This brings the total approximate amount of Seed Accounts on the site to 1,000! This is a great way to celebrate Dreamwidth's 2nd birthday and we welcome all new Seed Account holders to join the community!

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I'm in the process of thinking up some different contests or fun things to do with the community, and suggestions are always welcome! =)

One of the things I came up with was sponsoring. I noticed many Seed Account holders mentioning that they would probably continue to support the site with alternate or additional paid accounts, and I'm sure many of you have either brought over a current friend or met a new friend here on Dreamwidth. I think it would be neat for each us to buy a month or so of paid time for a new or free user (either someone we have become friends with, invited over or even a total stranger!) so that they could try out the paid features. I know there are probably a lot of you who've already done this (myself included), so if you have, that's awesome! It's just a thought for a way to keep supporting the site while also helping to get the word out about what a great site Dreamwidth is.

So, thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Should we maybe do a welcome post for new site members we've sponsored? Or do a monthly drawing for every one of us who's sponsored someone to win a t-shirt or something like that? Let's get some creative juices flowing and see what we can come up with!

icons! =)

May. 15th, 2009 12:59 pm
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These are just some icons I made for Seed Accounts... please feel free to take some and use them if you like them!

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My account should be was updated to a Seed Account today! When I had problems getting one during the first sale (due to PayPal checkout issues), I filed a support request and was told that I could either wait for the next sale or just send in payment for my cart that I wasn't able to checkout with because of the PayPal error. Originally, I decided to just wait and try again during the next sale, but when they pushed the sale back another week, I went ahead and sent in payment for my cart from the first attempt, and they received it today. I'm very excited =)

I have a 'Permanently Insane" account on IJ (which I think was about $50 when I bought it back in '06) but I've never had one on LJ. I gave it a lot of thought each time they held a sale for them, and every time I either didn't have the extra funds or wasn't sure I was going to continue using the site, due to the many changes and fuck-ups they've made over the last few years. Buying one here on Dreamwidth is a bit risky in that there is no guarantee that the site will still be operating in 4+ years, but since the Seed Account sale was so successful and interest in the site seems to be pretty high, I think there's a good probability that the project will succeed. And, with all the nifty tools (like the cross-posting and import of entries, comments and icons, etc.) making it so easy to switch over, I really think more users will make the move.

So, some questions for the group.... how many of you also have permanent accounts on other sites? How many have made the move and now use Dreamwidth for their primary service? I've stopped using LJ completely, because my paid account expired a week after I got this one and I didn't want to give them any more money ~ I also didn't want them making money off of ads placed on pages with my content, so I locked all my entries and put a Dreamwidth banner in my profile ;)

In the spirit of supporting the site, I will probably have secondary paid accounts in addition to my main one. I really want to see Dreamwidth succeed, because it's everything that LJ could have been, but never was.

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We've had a lot of requests to join the community in the last 24 hours from free accounts or paid accounts, so just to clarify, you must have a Seed Account to join. I realize that some of you (like myself) may have been prepared to buy one on April 30/May 1 but couldn't due to the PayPal issue or another issue. I also realize it might be confusing because the mod (me) is still listed as a free account ~ but that will be changing on Thursday =)

If you are one of the folks who planned on purchasing one but weren't able to, please just resubmit your request once your account is updated. I have rejected everyone for now who doesn't have a seed account, because I don't want to have to go back through later and remove people, but I will approve your request once everything is all sorted out.

Thank you for your interest in the community. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Just wanted to make a post to welcome new members, and also to acknowledge the stellar response from Denise and Mark regarding the entire Seed Account/Open Beta payment issues that surfaced yesterday. I was only here a short time while the site was in closed beta, but in that time it became clear how much they care about their users and the community as a whole. I know a lot of folks were frustrated yesterday while trying to set up and buy their accounts, and I also know that the staff & volunteers here tested everything and that this caught them completely by surprise. The solution was lightening fast and it is so generous of them to offer not only a second, but a third Seed Account sale. If I had any doubts about their professionalism and compassion for their members, they would most certainly have disappeared!

Thank you, Denise and Mark and everyone else who has put their heart and soul (and many, many hours of missed sleep!) into this project and for your swift response to yesterday's unexpected challenges. It is in those times that someone's true character comes out, and as someone else already said, yesterday you proved you are "made of awesome"


Apr. 28th, 2009 11:34 am
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Poll #150 Seed Account Holders
Open to: Access List, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20

What was your primary reason for purchasing a Seed Account?

View Answers

to support Dreamwidth
14 (73.7%)

never having to pay for premium features again
11 (57.9%)

worried they will never be offered again (as has been said)
9 (47.4%)

just happened to have an extra $200 at the time
5 (26.3%)

Do you use other blog sites, or just Dreamwidth?

View Answers

I had other accounts but only use Dreamwidth now
3 (15.0%)

I cross-post from Dreamwidth to other services
9 (45.0%)

I use LJ in addition to Dreamwidth
15 (75.0%)

I use Dreamwidth to keep up with friends who have moved here
1 (5.0%)

What is your primary interest/content?

View Answers

my life and the every day
16 (80.0%)

fanfiction or other writing
12 (60.0%)

to participate in communities
10 (50.0%)

to keep up with friends
8 (40.0%)

What do you think is the BEST thing about Dreamwidth?

View Answers

no ads!!
11 (61.1%)

the cross-posting tool
5 (27.8%)

trustworthy staff
14 (77.8%)

more icons!
3 (16.7%)

Have your friends moved over from other services?

View Answers

I tried, man, they won't leave LJ
7 (46.7%)

everyone I know and love is here!
4 (26.7%)

my friends maintain blogs on other sites but comment here
2 (13.3%)

I don't have any friends :(
3 (20.0%)

What would you like to see in this community?

View Answers

more polls!
8 (53.3%)

pictures and intros of members
11 (73.3%)

icons, banners, graphics
8 (53.3%)

general chat
10 (66.7%)


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